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Fashion, Fidgeting and Fandoms !

Why I started this Journey!

I wanted to find my “forever fixation” (quote by @connordewolfe on TikTok). I have had a ton of different business ideas from illustration, pin design, home décor etc. I tried all of these and I loved them but I wasn’t going to stick to them or make them a viable and sustainable business.

I knew there had to be something deeper for my business and one day by chance I came across fidget rings and ZAP all of things I wanted to achieve in my work life came together.

• Fashion

• Fidgeting

• Fandoms

• Mental health management

• Different everyday

• Feeling fulfilled

• Helping others

I wanted a fidget ring immediately however they were either not my style and/or they were poor quality so why not make it myself? And wait I could take inspiration from all my favourite things! and even better I could find out what others liked too and since I have curious mind it meant I would find new information and research fandoms I hadn’t heard of.

I bought all the equipment, watched YouTube videos on silversmithing and set to work on learning the basics. This all started over lockdown 2020 I had to learn a lot of things on my own but once I get fixated on something I am a fast learner. The more I shared what I was doing and my aims, more and more people were interested in how it could help their mental health.

The more feedback I get from clients the more I feel like I am really helping people which is so important to me. I know what it feels like to feel alone, misunderstood and how hard to hide that in social situations so my main purpose is to create an accessory to help support you and your struggles in school, work socially wherever you may need it. The creative side is a bonus!

I have so much more to share but I want to keep it brief and memorable! I hope you found value in this blog!

Please leave a comment underneath, it can be about anything I love a random chat!

Much Love

Emily for Tornados and Trinkets

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