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I asked for a custom ring that was a bit out of the box and what I got is better than I could of imagined. Each part of the ring was explained and shown to me with progress pictures throughout.  Super happy with the service! The ring helps me massively with concentration where as before I’d end up disassembling things on my desk instead of looking at the computer. Would 100% recommend a fidget ring, Thanks Emily. 



I can’t thank Emily enough for my gorgeous ring! It Is absolutely beautiful and so well made-it’s also so comfortable to wear that I never take it off. Emily made the whole process super easy and was very accommodating of the customisation I wanted.


I can’t recommend Emily and her talents enough and will definetly be buying another ring soon.

syd 4.JPG
syd 1.JPG

I was super excited to see that Emily was making fidget rings as I know how creative she is.


I ordered a lovely band from the “Dainty” range with gold flowers which I thought would go so well now that I am wearing more summery floral outfits. I am quite a mentally busy person and find I always need to be fiddling with something so a fidget ring is the perfect way to also calm anxiety. Also not having the most delicate hands it was great to finally find something that actually made my fingers look more elegant.


Super pleased with it and I would highly recommend Emily to anyone and I’ll definitely be placing another order!


I love my fidget ring!!!


I suffer from anxiety and pick and bite the skin on my thumbs, they looked terrible! So my daughter and husband bought this ring to help, and it has made a huge difference!!


It’s so delicate and pretty too I just love wearing it. 

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